Elect Jeff Zink

Jeff Has A Plan

Arizonans Should Receive The Best of Life

Most residents feel the quality of life is getting worse and leadership is not going in the right direction. Jeff has a commitment to improve the horrible challenges families face and fight for voters.

Focus on


Focus on

Public Safety

Focus on


Common sense community improvements & planning.

You should feel safe in your neighborhood.

Families deserve quality education they can rely on.

Issues Concerning


  • The People First
  • Pro Life
  • Cost of Living
  • Freedom To Worship
  • Keep Families Safe
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Congressional Candidate Jeff Zink

Political Priorities

Make Government Work

Actually does its job

Will of The People

Arizonans have a voice


Organizing is better with friends

Voter Registration

All people are welcome

Strengthen Democracy

The Constitution is real

Jobs Creation

Medical, IT & Manufacturing

Small Business

The real economic backbone

Cleaning Our Community

Restore pride to neighborhoods

Promoting Citizenship

Making it easier

Share Your Ideas to Help

We all have different interests, needs and hopes for our community. What do you think?