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  • 01. Why should I vote for Jeff?

    Answer: He doesn’t act or speak like a politician. He makes me feel like he
    truly cares about what happens in our community.

  • 02. As constituents, we generally hear a lot from a candidate before and up to an election. Will you communicate with me as diligently after the election and how will you do that?

    What has helped me be the most successful in my life has been listening.  In my career, I have needed to listen to how and what athletes were telling me to help them feel better.  I have been a teacher, trainer and coach all valuable tools to share information in a way that everyone understands it. The best parts of me has been a communicator.  As I navigate my grassroot efforts in the streets of District 3, I have found myself praying with people of faith, breaking bread with families and all along communicating how I will fight for their freedoms. I will enjoy using the same three principles after the election to communicate with all Arizonians.

  • 03. Why should I trust/choose/pick/follow Jeff Zink?

    Jeff has shown that he is a man of the people and not some run of the mill politician.  Jeff does his own “block walking” to get out and truly meet and get to know his constituents.  He is using grassroots efforts, American values and frugality to show that money is not the ruler in an election.

  • 04. Will Jeff remain pro-life?

    Yes! Always has been protecting the unborn.

  • 05. Have you heard…L.G.B.?

    Jeff knows quite well: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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